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Top Five Reasons to Join a Writing for Healing Therapy Group

Writing for healing therapy groups offer opportunities for connection, creativity and fun as well as a transformative and healing therapeutic experience.

This work is powerful. It is designed specifically for non-writers, although those of you who have done some journal writing or kept a diary in the past will find it challenging and healing as well.

Here are my five reasons to give it at try!

1.    You want support from others as you move through life’s inevitable transitions and challenges.

In therapeutic writing sessions we have the opportunity to come together in an emotionally safe place. We deepen our understanding of the emotional issues we are dealing with by sharing our personal stories. We read, discuss, share and write in a non-judgmental, therapeutic setting.

2.    You want to invest in your personal growth, but money is an issue.

Therapy groups and support groups are a cost-effective way to access the support you are looking for. In addition to this, you will learn how to use writing as a therapeutic tool on your own whenever you want to process your thoughts and feelings. You can become your own healer!

3.    You love words and you're looking for a creative and cathartic experience.

The Encarta Dictionary defines cathartic as "producing a feeling of being purified emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically as a result of an intense emotional experience or therapeutic technique." When we keep our feelings and thoughts in our minds, we can feel a sense of isolation, lack of resolution and stress. The writing process allows us to cleanse ourselves and enjoy a sense of peace and calm.

4.    You are ready to take some risks.

Sharing and writing in this group process makes it safe to broach topics that can be complex or difficult to talk about. Hearing others share about their lives helps us to realize that most of our challenges are universal. We feel less alone with our situations, and we have the opportunity to make new friends who are meeting some of the same challenges we are.

5.    You crave deeper connections with other people.

Too often we get caught up in social niceties and surface-level conversations. Sometimes even our closest relationships don’t give us the honest authentic conversation we desire, and it's not uncommon to feel isolated even when we are with our partners or spouses. A writing for healing therapy group is a place to be seen, heard and understood.


 “...I have been able to delve deeper into my emotional and spiritual self than I thought could be possible...The process is cathartic for me ... my once-restricted self becomes more familiar and welcoming to the freedom I am finding.”   ~A.E.F. High School Teacher  

“Being in Leslie’s Writing For Healing support group has had a very positive impact on my life...being able to express my emotions through writing has helped me see things about myself and my life in a new way.”   ~C.B.  Business Owner