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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there lies a field,
I'll meet you there." - Poem by Rumi

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Blended Families
All relationships have their complications, but stepfamilies create a web of relationships and inter-relationships that make the average spider’s overnight spinning look simple in comparison.  The difficulties facing a blended family may be many, but where there are challenges there are also opportunities. Here are some suggestions and solutions. 
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Ten Tips for Talking With Your Children
Certainly we knew there’d come the time for the “big talk,” but who knew we’d be struggling with how to talk to our children about drugs and AIDS and gay relationships, guns and violence at school, and kids who kill other kids. 

Helping Children Through the Hazards of Divorce
It is estimated that 1 million children a year experience the effects of parental separation, the often-overlooked casualties of divorce. The homes they live in may be sold; they may have to change schools and say goodbye to friends; their lives are basically turned upside down. 
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